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第七届全球华裔整形外科医师大会第四届外科西湖论剑第三届中国眼整形修缮大会2019年10月17-20日中国·杭州大会的组织机构主办单位全球华裔整形外科医师学会(WAPSCD)杭州整形医院主办单位西湖论剑国际专家联谊会眼整形修缮中国专家联谊会美国华裔整形外科医师联谊会香港整形及整容外科医学会台湾整形外科医学会深圳大族三维科技有限公司珠海莱奇医美科技有限公司上海索康医用材料有限公司反对单位上海交通大学医学院附属第九人民医院整复外科中国医学科学院整形外科医院北京协和医院整形外科北京大学国际医院整形外科东方整形医生集团大会主席团大会名誉主席Yilin Cao(曹谊林)David T.W ChiuFu-chan We(i 魏福全)Yu-Ray Chen(陈昱瑞)大会联合名誉主席张 斌马 奇李世荣李青峰大会学术顾问高建华郭树忠栾杰江华祁佐良李东王晓军徐军郝立君宋建星张余光李圣利吴溯帆赵启明大会主席谭晓燕Lee L.Q.Pu学术委员会主席林晓曦学术委员会联合主席孙家明杨军徐靖宏唐冬生Ernest S.ChiuLi-Fei Guo陈锡根WilsonHo张菊芳秘书长姚平董帆谈伟强杨锋安阳孙燚学术委员会委员(按姓氏拼音排序)主席致词Dear Colleagues:The 7th World Congress for Plastic Surgeons of Chinese Descent, the 4th West Lake Ae


sthetic Plastic Surgery Forum will be held in Hangzhou, China from 17-20 October 2019.The Congress will be sponsored by World Association for Plastic Surgeons of Chinese Descent (WAPSCD), Hangzhou Plastic Surgery Hospital.We would welcome you to participate in the congress either as an Invited Speaker or attendee for the 7th Congress of WAPSCD.Our congress will emphasize on aesthetic surgery, innovations in Plastic Surgery, and social activities. It will be a tremendous opportunity for each one of us to share personal clinical experience and accomplishments, to learn about the latest advancements in Plasti


c Surgery, to make new friends, and to reunite with old friends and colleagues.The mission o f WAPSCD is to foster greater academic exchange among plastic surgeons of Chinese descent worldwide. The previous biannual congresses were held successfully in Beijing (2008), Taipei (2010), Xi"an (2012), Hong Kong (2014), Wuhan (2016), and Taipei (2018). The congress in Hangzhou will certainly be an equally exciting and memorable event! Our scientific program committee has been working hard to ensure a best possible academic exchange program this time as well.We look forward to seeing and welcoming you in Hangzhou


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